Let life know what you want…

imageBelieve in your wander. Nothing is out of reach. Love & life is there waiting for all of us. Believe in all of life’s possibilities.
Don’t let your shadow overcome your spirit. Believe that you’re worth it.
Love who you are, it’s how teach others to love us. Change any negative inner dialogue into positive. As our own personal dialogue we have with ourselves, affect all the relationships we have with other people.
Feed your soul with love & magic. Let life know this is what you want.



It’s all begins with love…

imageNo matter who we love, we must love ourselves first. We all hear this time & time again. For a good reason too because it’s true.
The first step is acceptance. Accepting that we are worthy of love. That we are good enough. That even with all our faults we are amazing amazing souls.
Then comes trust. Trust in ourselves that we can make the right decision for ourselves, in all areas of our life. Once we master this, trust in life comes naturally.
It’s important to find that balance, between mastering our own destiny & letting go. Then when life brings us something we don’t like we already have the trust to know it’s for the best. Sometimes life, the universe has other ideas for us. It may seem that it’s not what we want, but then we realise it’s exactly what we needed.
Life’s not always going to be perfect. Bad things happens to good people all the time. Most times theirs’ a silver lining. When we feel like we will always be travelling in this dark tunnel forever, the light turns on. We learn to appreciate the good & accepting that the bad makes us stronger.


now & always….

imageIt’s time to reclaim a part of my self. To search for the wanders,the magic. To find my inner stillness. To breathe it,to live it.
I want to be in touch with the beating heart. To stand side by side with all of life’s desires. To know that I deserve it. To say yes over & over again. Whilst not been afraid. Even of my shadow. To embrace the dark & be the light. I have remembered the forgotten dreams. Now I am all that I have lost again.



I celebrate the moments in between. The beauty is what’s left behind, hanging on & needing something to hold. The scent that lingers on, the feeling that you get inside that stays with you.
Their is magic in that.
Theirs magic in everything really. You just have to be open & calm & silent. And ready for anything.