The writings on the wall…

imageThe song of beautiful strangers
seeping into my heart.
Drinking coffee
on a cold & rainy day.
The love inside I always find.
The writings on the wall
the simple truth hidden
but always found.
The smell of uncertainty & hope
all rolled into one.
Slowly but surely I grab the strings that pull me near.
The dreams always find their way back & continue their journey of life
nothing really fades away
into the night.


I’m found…

imageSearched for days
to find myself
found me in the rain.
The sun drenched day gone
lingering on inside my head
Dreaming I’m listening to your song instead.

Just picking up where I left off
opening my self, my heart
to the big wide world.
I rise above
again and again.
Into the sea shore and beyond.

It makes me stronger and wiser and
wilder & hopeful
and so alive.

“This is it”…..

The moment you realise “this is it” is the moment you set yourself free.
It all rolls into one and keeps going.
In the moments you make friends with a stranger and share stories and stories within the stories.
It’s what this is all about. Life.
Every moment is a chance, a dream. Brought to life by wander, by delight, by you.
Messages from moments.
The freedom to be yourself
To be free and unafraid.


Sitting alongside and in between the moving cars.
But theirs still a softness, soft place to touch, to hold, to fall on, to rest and surrender.
Existing. Breathing, bleeding, crying oceans of tiny puddles.
Then we ask for more.
How do you stop yourself from not holding on? Trust, an answer. It’s all around me.
Whispering into tiny soft whispers.


I’m here…

imageRealms of existence
let me in
I’m here (really I am)
Here me breathe
feel my beat
I want to come inside
don’t want to be left behind
Stop destroying my soul
let my spirit fly
Let me go
I do know how to fly
The leaves are falling
with no urge to hold on
Unfreeze me from this moment
before I freeze the world.