You are magic…




imageI like my rituals. My glorious gypsy heart. My eccentric style. I am comftorable with that. I enjoy my interactions with strangers. The formation of new friendships. The reborn of the old ones.
The wisdom in the most simplest of moments. The connections that keep me human.
The writings on the wall. The way the past just floats on by. The precious moments that I get to like myself even more.
The taste of sweet sweet wine.
The moments of my children’s laughter,that contain my life. Their questions and their truth that keep me sane. The fact that our lives are just shared together. The excitement of what is in store for us.
The mystery, the forgotten dreams, remembering my true hearts desires.
The love that keeps on loving. The hope that keeps me strong. The faith that keeps me believing. The magic that I have never forgotten. The light that is always shinning.


Embrace your fear…don’t be afraid of the green eyed monster


Sometimes it’s the things that scare us the most that could be the be the best thing for us. I’m a big believer of doing things out of your comfort zone.
To take the step in the unknown can take you to a place you could never dream of. Sometimes it could mean leaving that job that we just don’t like. Or ending a relationship that does nothing to nourish our soul.
Life is about taking risks. Trying new things. But most of all it’s about doing what our heart sings for. Even if it means we are too scared to take that step. You could say life’s about living on the wild side.