Never save the best for the last.
Enjoy it first….


When the sun goes down
and the moon takes over.
The wind caresses me
touching me lightly across my back.
Like the night when you wiped the sand off my back.
In that moment I knew that I would be loved.


imageThe cigarette is all smoked out
the coffee cup is empty.

It all starts again
The tides, the rain, the shinning skies.

A new door has opened
the openings opened even more.

The waves blue & calm
the weary sea needs to rest it’s weary head.

The love doesn’t stop
& your heart doesn’t become smaller.

Nothing is lost,
when you really never had it in the first place.

Life isn’t a game or a ball of strings,
but a book filled with treasures.

The magic is shinning
brighter than ever before.
When the truth has been spoken
all freedom has been set free.

Life now stripped from the old dreams,
the ones we no longer need.

And now all their is,
is the wind
and the calm blue waves
and the sky
and me dancing
whilst holding the moon in my tiny tiny hands.


I am the captain. The stars dancing brightly.
Spots of love in the green grass.
Now I can let go of my destination & trust that the dark sea will keep me safe.
The wind will take over now.

imageIt’s raining trinkets of tiny tiny stars
inside my heart
they’re falling
like falling in love with you.
First your eyes
then your smile
Take me to the sky
I want to hold your hand
and dance with you.



I love the smell of coffee in the rain
Makes me feel so alive
I yearn to touch the tiny whispers of life’s pull
Cradling me near underneath the moon.
Salty tears trickling down like summer rain.


Searching for peace…

imageSometimes life throws out arrows. Thousands of them & sometimes at the very same time.
When bad things happen I really try & make sense of it all.
It’s hard to accept things that you just can’t accept. Not because it’s not possible,but because you don’t want too.
Life’s filled with endless obstacles. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes,keep riding it & hope for the best.
It’s even harder I think when the arrows are from our past. Sometimes the past comes back creeping up slowly. We want to do all that we can to fix certain things,make them right. But I’m learning right now that not all past problems can be fixed. So how do we make peace from it? Is it possible to make peace without making peace? I suppose that’s when we realise they the only peace we can make is really only with ourselves. How? Well I’m still trying to work that out. I’m hoping that my awareness of it is enough for now. And then the rest will follow.
Not everyone is on the same page as us. Our need for peace is different to their need.
I guess we have to learn to let go. Because holding on takes that peace away. It’s sad sometimes though. But when you do all that you can do, the only thing left to do is to just walk away.

To be continued….

You do know how to fly…

imageAdmire your storm
ride the waves of your own turbulences
They are the strings that tie us together.
A steady hand is holding the string on the other side.
Don’t judge your emotions
Look at them as if you would the sky.
The rain eventually needs to fall down
Allow the rain drops to fall on your face
Drink in the sweetness of your own sadness.
Allow your salty tears to fall on your face like sweet raindrops.
The storm will pass
and the sky will be clear again.
The sunlight wants to get in
let it.
Don’t shy away from the brightness
Sometimes even the light blinds us.
But trust we will always be able to see.
For every storm their is a brighter day
waiting for us when we are ready to really appreciate it
Use your wings
you never know
maybe in your dreams you learnt how to fly.