You do know how to fly…

imageAdmire your storm
ride the waves of your own turbulences
They are the strings that tie us together.
A steady hand is holding the string on the other side.
Don’t judge your emotions
Look at them as if you would the sky.
The rain eventually needs to fall down
Allow the rain drops to fall on your face
Drink in the sweetness of your own sadness.
Allow your salty tears to fall on your face like sweet raindrops.
The storm will pass
and the sky will be clear again.
The sunlight wants to get in
let it.
Don’t shy away from the brightness
Sometimes even the light blinds us.
But trust we will always be able to see.
For every storm their is a brighter day
waiting for us when we are ready to really appreciate it
Use your wings
you never know
maybe in your dreams you learnt how to fly.

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