Searching for peace…

imageSometimes life throws out arrows. Thousands of them & sometimes at the very same time.
When bad things happen I really try & make sense of it all.
It’s hard to accept things that you just can’t accept. Not because it’s not possible,but because you don’t want too.
Life’s filled with endless obstacles. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes,keep riding it & hope for the best.
It’s even harder I think when the arrows are from our past. Sometimes the past comes back creeping up slowly. We want to do all that we can to fix certain things,make them right. But I’m learning right now that not all past problems can be fixed. So how do we make peace from it? Is it possible to make peace without making peace? I suppose that’s when we realise they the only peace we can make is really only with ourselves. How? Well I’m still trying to work that out. I’m hoping that my awareness of it is enough for now. And then the rest will follow.
Not everyone is on the same page as us. Our need for peace is different to their need.
I guess we have to learn to let go. Because holding on takes that peace away. It’s sad sometimes though. But when you do all that you can do, the only thing left to do is to just walk away.

To be continued….


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