imageMy smoke is all smoked out,
my green coffee is empty.
It all starts again,
here comes the rain.

My love will never ever stop
even beyond my days
I will love you forever.

This weary sea
needs to rest it’s weary head.

Have learn’t from all my living
that love doesn’t stop
and your heart doesn’t become smaller.

Nothing is lost
when you really never had it in the first place.



Invitation to the now party…

imageWhat does it really mean to be human. Aren’t we always living in some kind of fear. Forgetting to breathe in between our next breath.
We forget to stop,to listen to the silence. We can’t hear the wind because we are to busy hearing the mindless chatter in our head.
To be who we truly are we need to strip back the layers that we no longer need. The ones that are holding us back from ourself & the universe.
To seek for our truth even when it hurts. Because a life not fully lived is not a life lived at all.
We’re already at the party. The now party & you are the guest of honour. Our best party frocks are on & we are already dancing.

Let go….it’s the only way

image7.jpgLetting go is the best gift you can ever give yourself.
Of the bad stuff and the good.
To allow yourself the freedom to be just still with moments you experience.
To never hold on. To just raise your hands in the air & be ready for more.
Without holding on to the suspense of what could be tomorrow or the next day.
But to be grateful that your hands are now empty.