I love the smiles from strangers.
It frees something from within.
Then it lifts me up, and takes my hand.
Touching my soul,
and filling me up,
with life.



I’m not alone

I’m learning the art of letting go.
I breath and take a moment,
whilst the leaves still dance.
It’s been a long time,
but now I know the secret.
I knew along. It just took a while to be still and silent, to finally hear the music in between.
Riding in the flow of it, life’s cycles, the same as the oceans waves.
Even the moon, sun & all the stars are on my side.
I look above at the nights sky,
I find my wishing star
and I know that I’m not alone.


The sky has lost it’s shadow.
The tide has soaked up all the sand
I’m dancing,
dancing to the moons rays.
The waves pulling me closer to you,
finding your way to my heart.
Please don’t say goodbye yet.
We haven’t had enough time.
Their is still so so much I want to show you.
Their is still so much of me to touch, to feel, to embrace.
Please just hold my hand,
it’s way too soon to let go.
I haven’t had the chance to hold you yet.
To touch you, feel you, embrace you, all of you.
Your arms haven’t held me yet.
I still want to kiss you.
Touch your face and look into your eyes.
Please keep looking,
till you find me.




I am ready. Ready to embrace my fire

I can feel it already, burning inside.

The world has turned, more than a billion, billion times.

I’m ready to embrace all that is inside.

Things hidden for way too long.

I will not hold anything back.

I will stay courageous and brave,

and even when I cry,

I will always be strong.

Their is nothing to be afraid of.

The darkness has seen it’s days.

Whatever that will try to hold me down,

I will give out my hand.

And I will always be grateful.