Seize the moment…

We are so quick to make plans. To try and make sense of things.
Some things that we possibly can’t, but we try to anyway with all our might.
So many of us are afraid of commitment. We are afraid of been stuck, of not been able to leave something we may no longer want.
Then their’s our of way of trying to control things. When really we don’t need too.
I believe in seizing in the moment.
I think we need to give ourselves the permission to just love right now. without the need to control it or the need to know how it’s going to pan out. That’s the beauty of life we don’t need too.
It’s important to have the confidence & belief that we will be okay no matter what happens. Yes even if our heart may break. We will be okay, actually better than okay.
We are much stronger than we think. We are much better than we think that we are.
We are made for this. For love, for broken hearts. We are in this life to learn. We can only really learn through experiencing the good, the bad, the inbetweens.
So don’t be afraid of what can happen. Just do it anyway. Just love right now. I’m going to do it.



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