Sometimes I just don’t know
which road to take…



In those moments…

In this fast paced life,
where I long to be sweetly serenaded.
Trying to take a moment,
to stop and breathe.
Instead of been inside that moment,
where it’s calm in every breathe,
and as still as the silent sky.
Nothing matters,then right now.
The past and the future only spoken by you,
it doesn’t exsist nor does it matter.
Life keeps turning,
it doesn’t hold on to the sides.
It goes away like the ocean, pulled away by the tides.
It comes again like the sun lite sky,but different.
The only purpose their is,
is those moments.
One by one by one,
each single layer turned
& ripped apart.


I want to be free. But I don’t know how to be. How to be really truly free.
To have already let go, without trying to let go.
Starting conversations with the world.
Strangers are becoming my friend.
The new scent in the air makes it all better. The air smells of new beginnings.