I feel that moment,
over and over again.
I still hear the sweet music playing.
Holding your soul so close to mine.
Feeling your warm neck, pulling you closer.
Soft kisses whispering on my skin.
I was in heaven.
So one with all that was.
Your touch, your warm embrace.
I didn’t want these moments to end.
Nothing else mattered,
but you and me.
But it did end, and I had to let go.
I left you feeling dazed.
Finding myself back in reality.
My reality without your warm touch,
I had to accept.
Acceptance was the only thing to do.
Goodbye had to be said.
I kissed you goodbye,
I could feel the butterflies inside.
My heart still holding on.
But you had already let go.
You had prepared yourself for this moment.
You captured my heart.
You touched my soul so sweetly in so many ways.
I will never forget you.



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