You got to follow your heart, without the need to question why.

Your heart doesn’t need to know and neither does life. It’s all in the journey, that walk you take, even if you are afraid of where it may take you. 

You never know what you may tumble on. Their is always magic around every corner. So always stay open and curious and wild and free. Be yourself, even if you haven’t found who you are.



Life wants you to know…

Life wants to know what you are made of. It already knows who you are and what you need. But it wants to know more of what you ache for.

Life wants you to know what is inside of you. It wants you to realise that their is nothing you can’t face. It already knows that you’re already the fire. Now it needs you to know this.

That’s why life makes you ache sometimes, it breaks you down until you feel like their is nothing left. But their is my dear, underneath all the layers you have wrapped around yourself  is a wholeness so pure, so full of love and magic.