I’m standing on this bridge, in between two worlds. The same magic that is there in every moment, seen and unseen. I remind myself that what I’m feeling in that very moment, is not a reflection on what really is. I create dramas and worries that are only real because I make them so. That life paints a different picture. Life is always dancing and nothing can change that, even silence.

Every time I lay down my head, something pulls me further away. Like a magnet, charged by the shadows that are left behind. I cling on to them, ignoring the light that exists. And I become lost and disillusioned, by the tragedies from my past. But I know that I’m getting there, to the place that I have not known in a long time. In my heart I’m already there.

In this place, the stars shall be enough…



Be one with it all…

Sometimes their are moments where I feel lost. Instead of being one with all I feel scattered. I know I need to be one with it all, because that’s the point of all of this. It’s the secret, but it’s not really a secret. Life gives us messages, omens. And it’s up to us to be open enough to see them, be guided by them. It’s all inside of me, every single answer my heart already knows. But knowing this is not enough. I need to trust and let go. They are our gifts you know. So I need to embrace them like they’re treasures, because they truly are.

I’m learning how to be more courageous, to open my whole heart, to myself, to all that is. To honour me, all of me. With no restraints, just like the wind.