Magic always finds me. It picks me up just in time, before it all turns into madness.

In a world that tries to harden me, I remain soft and vulnerable. I will not be tricked. Tricked into thinking that I’m not enough, that I don’t already have all that I need.

Because I am set in light, and nothing can or ever will break me.



Your body a sanctuary, your skin holding me. But they were just moments of gold, trying to hold on. It wasn’t enough.

You wanted my skin, not what was underneath. But I believed you, when I felt us.

I was just a prized possession, but not one you wanted to keep. When you were with me, I was still out of reach, because you were out of reach. You felt what it was like to lose me. So you let go.

And I’m grateful.

You let me be your sky and then you left. And that’s ok.