Stars shaped like diamonds. Scents of yesterday, lingering. I hold the magic close to me.

I used to feel afraid. Life was passing me by, and still I held on. Afraid that if I gave away all of me, their would be nothing left. That I would be too much, or not enough.

Then I remembered who I was, who I really was. And not just the me I could actually see, but the unseen part of me. My essence, my life force.

The calling came before I was born. The real part of me has always been here. Parts of me inside the ocean and inside every sky.

Life held on, and I never let go.



I can’t continue like this…

I can’t keep doing this. Thinking and wondering when my love will come. It just feels like broken hope now and I have no room for brokenness.

I wish that somehow I could just know that it will happen for sure. And that’s my downfall in life, always wanting certainty.

Life’s too short and it’s all exhausting enough. Wishing or yearning takes me away from now. Trying to navigate all that I already do. And putting up with all the bullshit along the way.

I’m tired and worn out. I have tired out every inch of my soul. And I have already put with more than necessary.

But this is it, this is my life. And so I choose another path, another way of thinking.

Having already being consumed with this yearning, I need to put it to rest. I can’t continue like this.

I need to find something else, perhaps more of myself.



Hope grew from the wreckage. The sun touching it, soaking up all the poison. Life wasn’t going to be easy. But I grew stronger and learnt how to breath much deeper.

And still I stumble. But I always find my way, picking up all the broken pieces and only looking back to see how far I’ve come.

I’ve learnt so much about being grateful. Taking in every moment and treating it like a conversation I’m having with the universe.

Always remembering that life doesn’t necessarily give you what you want. That even the pain endured, is a blessing.

Knowing that any darkness will pass. That the light isn’t far away. I always hold on to this. This is how I have learnt how to survive. And realising that I am strong and brave enough to tether any storm.