I feel unfinished,
like the painted picture that is incomplete.
No matter how full my heart becomes of love,
my heart still feels empty.
Their’s nothing solid to hold onto, no promises been made.
Just chance and fate and the mystery of it all.
But it is what it is, nothing’s going to change. The intentions are the same.
Unless his heart becomes open,
and he stops being afraid.
If only he know she was afraid too. Maybe then he would hold her. Maybe then he would choose to feel her warmth.




I wanted to feel closer to you
as I let go of the strings,
pulling us nearer.
But people also pass
like tiny drops of rain
as I look through my window.
The flowers look brighter,
because of all the rain.
Today looks so still
the frozen moment
of me missing you.
But still playing over & over in my mind.
Sometimes we just never find out why.
Why or even what?
What the hell was that…
shooting stars
falling right across my heart.


rise & fall…

I’ve watched it rise and fall
Learn’t how to hold on and to let go.
Seen the day turn into night more than a thousand times.
I’ve been in love and then watched my heart fall as it broke into a million pieces.
I’ve watched from a far
I’ve watched it all up close.
And I still come for more
and I always will.
Nothing will keep me away from here.
The worlds too inviting.
The sky so peaceful.