I am…

I am the dark moon. I am the light that trickles down from the sun.

I am the wind that moves mountains. I am the storm that can’t hold on. 

I am the love that surronds us, the magic that is hidden.

I am the heartbeat, that you feel close to you, the one that is so close to your heart. The heart beat that still beats even when you’re not there.

I am the girl, that took you by surprise. The one that came out of no where. The girl that fell from the stars.

I am the girl, that will grab your hand and squeeze it tight. The girl that will make your dreams even dreamer, and your days so full of light.

I am the girl, that will come to you, bare and naked, open and whole.

I will rise you from your sleep, like the perfect sun waking up.

I will kiss you a thousand and one times. I will wrap my heart around you, and never want to let you go.

When we say goodbye I will cry a million tears. I will hold on to our memories and play them over my head, again and again.

I am the dark moon and you are the sun that lights me up.



imageWhen it’s the wrong place,
the wrong time
and maybe even the wrong lifetime.
When your whole life you have dream’t about this.
The way it felt,
the way you made me feel.
When letting go,
is the hardest thing.
Because in you’re presence I felt so much of me than I have ever felt.
When you’re gone,
I can still smell you.
Your scent lingering on everywhere and anywhere.
Come back to me,
even just in our dreams.
Kiss me again,
a million and a trillion more times.