You never left, you’ve always been here.
In the shape of a flame, flickering away, in a place that is close to  my heart.

The sky has always held us both, together in its embrace.
It already knows who we are, it knows the song of my heart, the song that we dance to when we are laying down with our hearts beating close together.

But still I can’t reach you. I feel parts of you, but not all of you.

I want to know, if I should still hold your sweet gaze, for just a little while longer.


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Remanants of those moments, still cling on to me sometimes.
Holding on, in my dreams.
It makes me think of the emptiness, all over again.
The way love just stripped itself bare, right infront of me.
Leaving me with just my shadow.
I was forced to reach inside, inside the emptiness.
It was all taken away from me, my life suspended in time.

Now I have learnt how to fight my battles. I have learnt how to use my sword. I learnt that all I had to do was raise my sword high in the sky, and call out surrender.


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I can’t control it. I don’t even know what it really is.
All I know, is that I have to wake up each new day, and live it.
Live it and love it so much that it hurts.
Whatever life brings to me, whatever I choose to bring to the table.
Even when everything aches, I still show up.
Your soul can’t be absent here, it doesn’t work like that.
You can’t classify yourself dead, when you’re still alive.


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The awarkdness is me.
I’m trying to squeeze all of me, into every tiny little moment.
Their’s this excitement, this life force, that runs right through me.
I know my place in the world.
I know this where I belong.
Their is a flicker of light, that never goes out.
Even when the rain pours…