It feels like yesterday, since I could feel all of you. I broke apart, but in the best kind of way. We laid there our naked skin, wrapped together. Swept away by the moment, nothing else mattered. Except for streams of sunlight creeping through the open window. It made shadows dance along the white concrete wall.

That night you needed me. You let me climb your walls, as I felt your heart open even more. I felt your freedom. And you felt mine.

But nothing good ever stays the same. You left and you said goodbye to me in my dream. Even now I still feel you, every time I see the shadows dancing. It reminds me of that night, that still feels like yesterday.



imageWhen it’s the wrong place,
the wrong time
and maybe even the wrong lifetime.
When your whole life you have dream’t about this.
The way it felt,
the way you made me feel.
When letting go,
is the hardest thing.
Because in you’re presence I felt so much of me than I have ever felt.
When you’re gone,
I can still smell you.
Your scent lingering on everywhere and anywhere.
Come back to me,
even just in our dreams.
Kiss me again,
a million and a trillion more times.


now & always….

imageIt’s time to reclaim a part of my self. To search for the wanders,the magic. To find my inner stillness. To breathe it,to live it.
I want to be in touch with the beating heart. To stand side by side with all of life’s desires. To know that I deserve it. To say yes over & over again. Whilst not been afraid. Even of my shadow. To embrace the dark & be the light. I have remembered the forgotten dreams. Now I am all that I have lost again.