Let go…

Life is just a snapshot of moments
where we need to let go,
to loosen our grip of tomorrow.
To be as present as we can be
to let go of all expectations
and to just rejoice in our exsistence.
To trust in ourselves and know that we are safe.
That life holds our hand even through our darkest hours.
That we are never alone,even when we feel so afraid.
Just breathe like the wind,
and always remember
you are never forgotten.


Let go….it’s the only way

image7.jpgLetting go is the best gift you can ever give yourself.
Of the bad stuff and the good.
To allow yourself the freedom to be just still with moments you experience.
To never hold on. To just raise your hands in the air & be ready for more.
Without holding on to the suspense of what could be tomorrow or the next day.
But to be grateful that your hands are now empty.