Life broke me. It forced me to look for love every where. I found it in other people’s pain. I found it in places I never thought I would ever look. I found it in disappointment, I found it in rejection.

I found love in love, and in the most beautiful of places. I found it in the sky, I found it as the sun caressed my back. I found love in courage and in other people’s hearts.

After a long time looking for love outside of myself, every discovery to myself. I realised that love lived everywhere. I learned that love could never possibly leave me. Because I am love, every inch of me, every part.



I breathe into the uncomfortableness, until I reach a certain softness.

It’s connections with others is that I long for. I find it, in deep conversations with strangers and smiles exchanged with people walking by. Love is everywhere, and I feel it everywhere, even in moments of despair. Because even inside the storm, their is wonder and hope.

The storm can take us to the other side. We need its power, its strength to wake us up. Don’t forget what you already know inside. Their is a thread that binds us to everything. It sways in the wind, and dances with you.

Embrace the uncertainty, the mystery and the silent music (that plays in the background).


There are moments that arise that I feel afraid, separated. I want to feel part of it all. I look around for comfort, and I see still moments, held by life and the last sun. Everything becomes hazy, like star dust.

I open my heart to all of it. The confusion, unknowingness and beauty. Life is never constant, forever changing. But love always stays the same. It’s always there, in the stars, the evening sky, in people that I don’t know walking by.

All of it, can be openings and doorways to amazing possibilities. Even the parts that hold us back, are lessons that will eventually set us free.


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You got to slow down.
You got to stop staring at your phone, you got to look up at the sky instead.
Look at life, feel it, breathe it.
Life is so much more than you think. Find it, it will free you, it will save you.
Stop taking photos and posting them on Instagram. It’s all fake, it’s not living.
Stop getting caught up in this utter insane illusion.
Stop thinking. We need silence. Then you will hear your heart and you will feel real joy.
Love yourself, I mean really love yourself.
Treat everyone you ever meet with respect. No one is better than anyone else. Every single one of us are equal.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I was still holding on.
I wanted that impossible dream, to be saved. To be somewhat cleansed and renewed. Kind of like, back to the start, back to the magic.
I yearn for this fire, that is so inside of me, it even surrounds me.
But I’m still learning how.
How to walk through it, without getting burned.
Making it to the other side, unscathed, without any scars.
But that’s impossible right.
I have learnt allot about love, about people, about us.
Beautiful souls that I meet along my way, they are the ones that save me.