It’s all okay, because you are worth the wait. I still need a little bit more time to find myself.

My longings, are my own. This is the place that I have had to come to.

This place, where I no longer need to desire or yearn or even crave. This place right here, where all that I need to feel, I already do within every part of me.

I will get to that place, when I’m dancing. That sweet, sweet place where you will see me fly.





I could taste your yearning as I felt you surrender.
My heart growing bigger, as I let you inside it.
I held onto your skin, caressing its softness with my fingers.
We kissed even when we weren’t kissing. Our breathless breathes were transcended into one.
My heart recognised yours.
I could see home in your eyes.
It knew your rythmn, the dance of your soul.