Magic always finds me. It picks me up just in time, before it all turns into madness.

In a world that tries to harden me, I remain soft and vulnerable. I will not be tricked. Tricked into thinking that I’m not enough, that I don’t already have all that I need.

Because I am set in light, and nothing can or ever will break me.


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I became lost in a world that hides behind steel cages. When all that is sacred becomes pushed away.
In a world where time is never enough, we are never enough. We are fooled you know.
The world telling us that there is a place that we need to be, a place we need to get to. We are taught that we will never have enough money and we need the “perfect” body.
Where love has been twisted, that only our desires are important.
We are made to feel so inadequate and small. We aren’t meant to be free, we are meant to suffer.
But I wont be fooled. You can’t fool someone who has already been here so many times before.
I have the oldest part of this universe inside of me.
When I walk, I walk with the wind
softly brushing against me.
When I speak, I speak from my heart. My heart is love and so is every part of me.
You see, you can never ever ever beat love.


Let life know what you want…

imageBelieve in your wander. Nothing is out of reach. Love & life is there waiting for all of us. Believe in all of life’s possibilities.
Don’t let your shadow overcome your spirit. Believe that you’re worth it.
Love who you are, it’s how teach others to love us. Change any negative inner dialogue into positive. As our own personal dialogue we have with ourselves, affect all the relationships we have with other people.
Feed your soul with love & magic. Let life know this is what you want.