I continue to find parts of myself, in simple moments, in my dreams.

Life keeps on unleashing its truths, turned into storms. I take time, to find my feet. And no love is lost. Even in the shadows, I always find the light. It reaches me, underneath the pain.

In life you need to process the moments. And yes even those moments that take you to places you don’t want to go.

Their’s no use fighting it, life will find you. Inside your joy, your light, your pain. You must let go.

Life has got you…



I found the most perfect place here. Sheltered and not too harsh.
Just a nice dose of reality.

This is how I embrace my fear. I trust my feelings, those soft nudges, becoming harder. It awakens me up.
I trust that we are all aligned with the stars, because we are.

I venture out and I realise that this world loves me.


Life has given me a clean slate,
wiped away with rain.image
It’s telling me that I need to trust, this I already know.
The time has come to face what I know deep down I can.
I have faced far worse than this.
I can do it.
Even when I’m laying on the ground, fallen and all alone.
A silent whisper of light always holds my hand.


I’m out amongst,
the world right now.
Yes I am siting alongside the moving cars,
but their is still that softness.
No matter where we are going,
or where we have already been.
We are alive.
That in itself is amazing.
We breathe, we bleed, we cry oceans of infinite amounts of tiny puddles.
Then we ask for more.
How do you stop yourself from not holding on.
Trust is the anchor, the one that keeps you centred.