I feel a little bit open. A little unguarded.
Raw, ready for it, ready for life.
I’m not afraid, I can’t be anymore. Life wasn’t meant to be lived like that.
Living amongst us are old souls.
Waiting a little bit too, just like me.
The air makes me feel so alive, you know. It’s life’s breathe really. We’re supposed to join in.



Why are you rushing?  Where are you trying to get to? Their’s nowhere else, no place you need to be. You’re already there!Right here, right now.

Stop what you are doing. Stop!!! Please.

Just breathe. And feel it. Nothing else matters, but your breathe.

Right here, right now.


I believe…

I believe the way to find the reason for our existence, is through our hearts.
I believe it’s possible to fall in love with a stranger.
I believe our hearts remember things, people, our minds couldn’t even comprehend.
I believe what we see, isn’t the only thing happening.
I believe deep inside we always know.
I believe the more we let go and surrender, the more life will speak to us.


My soul entwined by the light,
making me see those miracles everywhere.
The truth inside me,
where it has always been.
Sometimes though it’s hard to hear my heart. Maybe it’s because of the past pain trickling down like rain. All the stormy seas, I prefer the gentle breeze.
It is a process this learning how to turn down the chatter of our mind.
It fools us you know,
makes us believe things, we think we want to believe.
It’s our fears that get in the way, sometimes it makes us too afraid to take the risk that will set us free.


I thought I wanted you,
but I wanted me.
The real me, the divine me.
The me that connects to everything, all that is sacred.
I’m scared if I hold on to you,
I will lose myself. The self I’m still trying to find.
I want to love me first, I need that to be enough.
I don’t want to need your love.
I just want it to be an extra.
I’m in love with the world.
I don’t want to be claimed,
the earth has already claimed me.