I continue to find parts of myself, in simple moments, in my dreams.

Life keeps on unleashing its truths, turned into storms. I take time, to find my feet. And no love is lost. Even in the shadows, I always find the light. It reaches me, underneath the pain.

In life you need to process the moments. And yes even those moments that take you to places you don’t want to go.

Their’s no use fighting it, life will find you. Inside your joy, your light, your pain. You must let go.

Life has got you…



I always hold on, way too soon. When it’s right, I can feel it.
But then life lets go, just like that.
I have to start allover again.
Sometimes I think I have been left behind. Even though I already know everything has its place in time.
This knowledge doesn’t take that empty feeling away.
So I don’t try to fill it. I just sit with it, say hello and then say goodbye.


When all that is left to do, but to surrender.
Their’s nothing to hold onto, nothing to grasp, nothing to even touch.
So I go with what I’ve got.
I keep going, even if I trip over so many times.
I have nothing to hide, the world knows me now.
It’s all just become nonsense.
This we call life.
I’m going to go another way.




I wanted to feel closer to you
as I let go of the strings,
pulling us nearer.
But people also pass
like tiny drops of rain
as I look through my window.
The flowers look brighter,
because of all the rain.
Today looks so still
the frozen moment
of me missing you.
But still playing over & over in my mind.
Sometimes we just never find out why.
Why or even what?
What the hell was that…
shooting stars
falling right across my heart.